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My name is Jonathan. I am a third grade teacher in Loudoun County, VA, but I currently live in West Virginia. We've lived in West Virginia for 9 years, but I still can't consider myself anything but a Virginia boy. My wife and I have five children, four boys and a little girl.

Here are some facts about me:
  • Education: I graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 2003 with a B.S. in Elementary Education (minor in English). I also received my M.Ed. in Administration from Liberty University in 2008 and a M.A. in Church Planting from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in 2012.

  • Experience: I have been teaching for 11 years. My first year of teaching was 4th grade at Faith Christian School. From there I moved to Loudoun County Public Schools, where I just finished my 10th year. I have taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.

  • Aspirations: I used to want to be a youth pastor, but that didn't pan out. My hope now is to stay in 3rd grade for as long as possible. At least until an administration position is offered.

  • Favorite Exercise: I enjoy running. I don't run like I should, but I do run.

  • Favorite Vacation Destination: Disney World. Enough said.

  • Favorite Leisure Activities: I love reading and going to the movies. This is funny because I don't really like to watch television or movies at home.

  • Favorite Movie: Pretty much anything that was made in the 1980s. Ferris Bueller, Back to the Future, The Goonies, The Gremlins, just to name a few. I also love the Marvel movies and the Expendables franchise.

  • Favorite Music: Dave Matthews Band and groups similar to that style (Zac Brown, Jack Johnson, Kenny Chesney, etc.)

  • Favorite Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A.

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