Sunday, July 13, 2014

Guided Math in Action Book Study Kick-Off

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One of my goals this summer was to read several professional books in an attempts to improve my teaching. So far, I haven't finished the first one (Guided Math by Laney Sammons.) However, I have the great privilege to team up with some other great teachers to participate in a book study on Guided Math in Action by Dr. Nicki Newton.

So, starting today and going through August 6, we will be reading through each chapter of the book and sharing our thoughts on the material. I am also going to be sharing how I plan to utilize the information in my classroom. I hope that you will come back each week and join the discussion.

Here is the schedule of posts:

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If you are interested in reading along, you can purchase the book from or get a copy on your Kindle. I also hope that you will leave comments and share your thoughts. This should be fun!

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  1. Your post looks great! We are so excited to get started--thanks again for participating. :0)